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There are over 12,000 sites for baby care, products, support groups, blogs and chats online today. Parents are overwhelmed by the amount of content, written or blogged information, and are generally confused by information received. The information does not pertain to the parent's particular questions or concerns, which in turn increases anxiety and frustration.

Our vision is simple - provide advice and support to mothers/parents and family through the hard transition of pregnancy-labor-infant-toddler care. 

BabyLiveAdvice features a full variety of providers such as psychologists, nutritionists, pediatricians, social workers, breast feeding/lactation specialists, nurses, nurse practitioners, dentists, midwifes and others. The intent is to have all questions related to pregnancy and child rearing answered in one place by specialists rather than by written information. The site will also feature blogs, social media support groups, education videos and other needed services as they become available. 

BabyLiveAdvice has been in formation for 5 long years. Extensive research into the area of parent/infant education shows that pregnant women and new parents are under informed or misinformed regarding their pregnancy, child birth options, breast feeding and infant care. 

Physicians and pediatricians in particular are unable (due to time constraints and full schedules) to spend time advising, educating or providing answers to the many questions parents have regarding child birth, and infant to toddler care. Early discharge from hospitals post-partum reduces the time allowed to educate mom/parent and provide support through breast feeding and overall baby care which widens the knowledge gap. Unfortunately, and due to all of the above, extensive portions of the population navigating the experience of child birth and infant care do so with great anxiety and in need of assistance, with no central source to respond to their many questions and various needs. 

BabyLiveAdvice will not, and cannot, replace the care of medical providers. We are here to fill the gap, and provide professional advice. No medical services of any kind (diagnosis, treatment, prescriptions etc.) will be available or are provided at BabyLiveAdvice. 

Our team is ready to support you, and excited to have this site be the first of its kind "one stop shop" for all of your needs. 

Thank you for visiting with us, we hope to have you as a lifelong user.

- BabyLiveAdvice is not an insurance company and does not contract or accept insurance.
- does not replace the existing primary care physician relationship.
- No medical services rendered on this site. You may not confuse general advice with medical care.
- If you think you or your child or a child you are taking care of has a medical, dental or psychiatric emergency, call 911 or go to the nearest hospital.