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The United States has the highest rate of maternal deaths in the developed world. Giving birth in America is very dangerous, African American mothers are 3-4 times more likely to die during or after pregnancy or birth at a disproportionate rate. Women and their babies are at increasing risk due to the lack of education and unequal access to healthcare, with as many as 5 million women living in maternity care deserts with no nearby hospitals offering obstetric care. 

2019 March of Dimes Report Card shows that for the fourth year in a row, more babies in the U.S. (approximately 1 out of 10) were born too soon, with the rate of preterm births increasing steadily every year. Besides the increasing rates of preterm births, each year, more than 22,000 babies die in the U.S. before their first birthday—that is two babies every hour.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately every 12 hours a woman dies due to complications resulting from pregnancy, and more than 135 expectant and new mothers a day (roughly 50,000 a year), endure dangerous and even life-threatening complications that often leave them wounded, traumatized, financially devastated, or unable to bear more children. 

Research shows that 70% of pregnant women and new parents are under-informed or misinformed regarding their pregnancy, childbirth options, breast feeding and infant care. Lack of care access, short appointment times with health providers and early discharge from the hospital reduces the time allowed to educate and monitor mom and baby. Mental health issues identified as pre and postpartum depression affect 1 out of 7 women in the U.S. 

The CDC announced that 60% of maternal child deaths in the U.S. can be prevented via improved education, monitoring of chronic conditions, timely prenatal care, mental health support, substance abuse and smoking session support, health education and other important prenatal and postnatal interventions.

BabyLiveAdvice is a Telehealth application that provides peer counseling and care support on a contract and subscription basis, addressing the shortage of ongoing care and monitoring for expecting mothers that is the key to improving maternal health, in the U.S. and worldwide. The service is designed to support, educate and empower mothers and parents so they can be confident and knowledgeable about pregnancy, delivery, breast feeding, infant care and later toddler care.     

BabyLiveAdvice’s program has been piloted extensively, and to date helped thousands of parents to get one-on-one support in their language by a caring provider rather than by pamphlets, blogs, google searches or articles.  We are on a mission to help parents and improve the statistics in any way that we can!



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