Report: Maternal Health Disparities: Challenges, Trends, and the Way Forward

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EHI released a  new report examining the maternal health problem and provides real-world examples and ideas for reducing maternal mortality rates and eliminating disparities in mother health. Get the report in the link below:

Childbirth complications in the U.S. cost $32 billion a year

The most costly expenditures are $6.6 billion in lost productivity, $895 million in cesarean section deliveries, and $350 million in longer hospital stays. Read more in the link below:  

Kamala Harris’s Call to Action to Reduce Maternal Mortality and Morbidity

Vice President Harris has issued a countrywide Call to Action to the public and private sectors to improve health outcomes for parents and infants in the United States. Read more in the link below:

Telemedicine and Pregnancy Care

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While global trends demonstrate that maternal morbidity and mortality are decreasing, the United States is one of the only countries where maternal morbidity and mortality have actually increased in recent decades. Read more in the link below:

Pregnancy & COVID-19: How to stay safe (and calm)

The unprecedent Covid-19 pandemic has brought a long list of challenges. For many, the intersection of ‘staying safe while preserving sanity’, is still a blurry line. But for expecting families, the uncertainties about how the virus may impact fetal development combined with the social isolation and the frequent changes to safety guidelines; contribute to even […]

Sigi Marmorstein of BabyLiveAdvice: “Self reliance is a big one for me”

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Self reliance is a big one for me. People need to stop relying on others and learn to turn to themselves for the advocacy required to make it through life’s twists and turns. As a part of my series about the women in wellness, I had the pleasure of interviewing Sigi Marmorstein . Sigi Marmorstein is a […]

Maternity Care and Paying for Maternity Services

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Note: Senate Bill 1237 was signed into law in September 2020. It modifies scope of practice laws for certified nurse midwives, eliminating the requirement that they work under physician supervision. Almost 500,000 babies are born every year in California — and Medi-Cal plays an outsized role in covering those births. Thresholds for Medi-Cal eligibility are more […]