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BabyLiveAdvice & CuddleBright®

Collaborating to Bring a Special Parenting Series

You’ve trusted BabyLiveAdvice for your birth plan and prenatal learning, now BabyLiveAdvice is happy to partner with The CuddleBright® Experience for a special parenting class. You will learn essential parenting skills to help you create shared interactions that strengthen connections with your baby.

Parenting Your Baby
From 3-9 Months

Connect, Comfort, and Calm Together

Your 3-9 month-old is constantly developing, becoming more mobile and aware! In this class you will learn essential parenting skills to help you create shared interactions to connect with, comfort and calm your growing baby, including tips for creating routines and easing separations. After attending the class, you will receive a discount code for a CuddleBright® Experience toolkit to help you put these learnings into practice.

The CuddleBright® Experience Kit

Connect, Comfort, and Calm Together

The CuddleBright Experience was designed with parent and child in mind to promote a secure attachment starting from birth.

Parenting Your Baby From 3-9 Months

Key Skills Covered in This Class

Secure Attachment

Building a secure attachment is the most important job of infancy! Learn how to create a secure base for your child so they can feel safe, connected, and confident to explore their world.

Understanding Temperament

Once you understand your child’s temperament and your own, you can create ways to give your child’s natural disposition room to grow, making parenting more effective and enjoyable.


Babies are not born able to self-regulate! Learn how to become a stress detective, identify your child’s stressors and what helps them achieve a calm balance.

Routines and Rituals

Routines provide structure, consistency and predictability to buffer stress, while rituals provide nurturing and connection. Learn about how to incorporate them into your family's daily life.

From the Experts

What They are Saying

“The ‘Eyes and Ears’ section of the CuddleBright® Parenting Guide really spoke to us. Putting down our phones and giving our son our undivided attention has helped us learn to be present as a family and really see not just him, but each other, too.”

-David H.     dad to Avery 5 and Peter 2