If you are planning on traveling with your family this summer, make sure all passengers are safely restrained at all times, no matter if you are going by car or airplane. Did you know that most harnessed car seats are certified for use on airplanes? While it might seem bothersome at first, taking the car seat on board not only helps in keeping the youngsters contained, but provides them with more protection than the lap belt alone. When using your child's car seat on the plane, you can also rest assured that the seat will be available to use at your destination as it won't be lost or damaged in transit. For instructions on how to install the seat on an airplane, refer to the car seat's instruction manual!

Please note that booster seats can NOT be used on airplanes and have to be stowed in the overhead compartment instead. 

SafetyBeltSafe U.S.A. is the national non-profit organization dedicated solely to protecting children from death or injury in vehicle crashes through the correct, consistent use of safety seats and belts. For more information, visit www.carseat.org or call the Safe Ride Helpline 800/745-SAFE, 800/747-SANO.