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We are your immediate and free staffing solution! Let our maternal-Infant care team support your maternity services by monitoring, supporting and educating your clients on your behalf. BLA augments and extends your current care capacities without increasing cost of care, while improving outcomes and reducing risk.

We Deliver Value for Every Partner

Decrease Costs, Reduce Risks & Enhance Revenues

Whether it is reduced readmissions, lower rates of C-Sections, expanded reimbursement or lower risk, BabyLiveAdvice helps our partners create a healthier and safer maternal journey for their patients.

For Hospitals

Improve patient outcome and satisfaction without increasing your costs. Let us provide you:

  • Virtual Prenatal classes
  • In hospital virtual lactation
  • Post NICU home support
  • Postpartum follow up parent/baby
  • Transition to care program

For Providers

Reduce Burnout, workload and risk while improving outcomes. Let us support you:

  • After hours/weekend clinic coverage
  • High touch pregnancy care
  • Mental health services
  • Telemonitoring for DM & hypertension
  • Nutrition/Diabetic Education
  • Care Coordination


We act as an extension of your clinic, providing virtual case management:

  • Case management and care coordination
  • High touch pregnancy/infant care
  • After Hour, Holiday coverage
  • Nutrition and Diabetes management
  • Pre and postpartum CPSP services
  • Telemonitoring for DM, HTN, Vitals
  • Mental health services

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Why BabyLiveAdvice?

In multiple studies covering over 15,000 patients, we can quantify significant reductions in C-Sections, Readmissions and Complications as a direct result of our services.


Reduction in ER utilization


Reduction in postpartum readmission


Improvement in exclusive breastfeeding


Reduction in C-section rate

Maternal Health Monitoring

BabyLiveAdvice provides virtual remote patient monitoring powered by our expert staff of nurses:

Let us be your eyes and ears on mothers and their babies.

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