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Let us help you meet your quality measures, baby-friendly designation, and reduce overall risk while improving your bottom line and your maternal-infant outcome.

We Deliver Value for Every Partner

Decrease Costs, Reduce Risks & Enhance Revenues

Whether it is reduced readmissions, lower rates of C-Sections, expanded reimbursement or lower risk, BabyLiveAdvice helps our partners create a healthier and safer maternal journey for their patients.

For Hospitals

Let us help you attract first time moms/parents. Increase patient satisfaction and member retention. Our program will support prenatal education, lactation and postpartum follow up. Most of all, we reduce the pressure on your staff while achieving excellent maternal-infant outcomes for your organization

For Providers

Work/Life balance out the door? Let us bring it back to you by keeping an eye on your moms and babies. Our professional and certified staff can augment your current capacities answer all your patients' questions and monitor them, escalating only emergencies to you. We can also improve your reimbursement.

For Federally Qualified Health Centers

Providing safe and timely care to pregnant women and infants has always been a tremendous challenge. FQHCs are seeing a dramatic decrease in appointment capacity due to staffing shortages and other challenges. Let us be your partner in supporting your patients, increase reimbursement
and improve outcomes.

Why BabyLiveAdvice?

In multiple studies covering over 15,000 patients, we can quantify significant reductions in C-Sections, Readmissions and Complications as a direct result of our services.


Reduction in ER utilization


Reduction in postpartum readmission


Improvement in exclusive breastfeeding


Reduction in C-section rate

Maternal Health Monitoring

BabyLiveAdvice provides virtual remote patient monitoring powered by our expert staff of nurses:

Let us be your eyes and ears on mothers and their babies.

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