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Top 7 tips for new and expecting grandparents

✨ Congratulations, you’re a grandparent! It’s a big deal – and an event you may have been anticipating for a long time.
But this transition brings challenges as well as joy. Here are five tips to help you avoid common new-grandparent pitfalls and handle your role with flair and grace.

✨Listen and defer
No matter how many kids you raised or how they turned out, your adult child and his or her partner are now in charge of the childrearing. Be cautious about offering opinions or advice unless asked directly. And even then, tread lightly and express yourself gently.

✨Don’t take their choices personally
They’re advocates of co-sleeping? Don’t want to circumcise? Want to name their baby boy Peach? Honestly, it’s not your problem. Yes, you may feel a tad embarrassed sharing your grandson’s new moniker with your friends, but you didn’t name him, right? Just raise your eyebrows and report it with a smile.

✨Follow their rules
You’re used to being the one in charge, but this time it’s your child’s turn. That can be disconcerting, but you may find this role reversal refreshing as well. After all, with authority comes responsibility. Now it’s your turn to do what you’re told – and not worry about whether it’s the best way or not.

✨Let bonding happen naturally
You’ve been so excited to meet the new baby – and then she wails nonstop whenever she’s in your arms and ignores your coos and funny faces. It’s disappointing, sure, but don’t fret that your relationship will always be so rocky.

✨Give new parents a break
It’s easy to forget how overwhelming it is to be a new parent and how hard it can be to accomplish the basics. This is where you can step in to save the day.

✨We are proud to offer virtual-live classes in english and spanish, to help support you from pregnancy to parenthood.

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