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Positive compassionate empowering care anywhere

Our Vision

Our core vision is that every woman, mother, parent and baby are safe, happy and healthy

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve a million moms and babies from all over the world by 2025

Our Team

Our Team Members have 100 years of healthcare, management, business and technology experience combined

A mission driven organization

BabyLiveAdvice is a mission driven organization founded in 2018 by Sigi Marmorstein, a nurse innovator, educator and a mother of three grown boys. By launching BabyLiveAdvice to the world, Sigi combined 26 years of clinical experience, health care management, international nursing, patient education, health innovation and telehealth implementation experience into one powerful Telehealth program.  Sigi Marmorstein established BabyLiveAdvice as a social enterprise that supports pregnant moms and parents from preconception to early childhood via telehealth, phone, chat and group classes. Through pilots and demonstration projects, the BabyLiveAdvice program is already showing tremendous results in reducing costly complications.  

THE PROBLEM – U.S. rates of maternal mortality are the highest in the developed world and have been rising since the 1990’s, with women giving birth today more likely to die in childbirth than their mothers. These adverse outcomes are also marked by significant racial disparities, with non-Hispanic, Black and American Indian/Alaska Native women at least 3 times as likely as non-Hispanic White women to die around the time of childbirth. Every day 2-4 moms and babies die in the US making it the deadliest place in the world to have a child. This is a costly and preventable problem which BabyLiveAdvice is solving.

We are unique

BabyLiveAdvice is a telehealth enabled service that complements, but does not replace, obstetric/pediatric care providers. We employ nurses, nurse practitioners, social workers, nutritionists, lactation consultants and others to serve mothers and parents from preconception to early childhood on a telehealth enabled platform that is connected to our robust EMR.  We are the only company in the market supporting the entire parenting journey from preconception to early childhood and every point of care in between.  Supporting hospitals and physicians, we can increase revenue while reducing risk and improving outcomes. We also recently developed a telemonitoring system that is embedded in the patient chart that can support remote monitoring of weight, blood glucose, blood sugars and more.

BabyLiveAdvice staff can keep an eye on mothers and their babies, support remote rural communities and improve care access to the 7 million birthing people living in maternal deserts.

We serve our patients both in English and Spanish.

Company Based On Piloted Outcomes

Since 2014 BLA’s program has been piloted in various clinical settings and to date served thousands of mothers, parents and their babies from all over the US and the world. Our results show time and time again that support, education, monitoring and coaching in the pre and postpartum period improves outcomes, reduces complications and costs.

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Team Members

The BabyLiveAdvice Team has over 100 years of health care, innovation, business and technology experience combined.

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Sigi Marmorstein PHN, MSN, FNP-BC

CEO, Founder, Board Member
Sigi Marmorstein is a hardworking nurse leader, educator, and innovator. She is also a Telehealth consultant with over 85+ successful telehealth implementation projects. This is her third startup. Sigi had a busy 26-year career in health care spanning employers such as Davita, Kaiser Permanent, USC, Adventist Health, and West Coast University. Sigi is the proud mother of three boys.
melissa youngblood

Melissa Larson Youngblood

Investor Venn Ventures, Board Member
Bring years of investment and advising to early and growth-stage tech companies to BLA. She is also a mom herself.
eyal zadik portrait

Eyal Zadik, MBA

COO, Board Member
Eyal brings 15+ years of corporate development, strategic growth, financial management, and operational experience with him to BLA. He a proud dad father of three.
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Jim Finkelstein, MBA

Board Member, Business Development
With 40+ years of consulting and corporate experience, Jim understands the convergence of environment, culture, development, and rewards in order to improve business performance through people. He has specialized in business strategy, organization strategy, and people strategy. He has worked for diverse industries – from health care to high tech. He is the proud father of two.
david marmorstein portrait

David Marmorstein, JD

CLO, Co-Founder, Board Member
David is an attorney at law with 22+ years experience in cooperate and transnational law. David believes strongly in health equality. He is the proud father of three boys and the co-founder of BabyLiveAdvice.
milton chen head

Milton Chen, PHD

CEO of Vsee/Strategic Partner
Dr. Milton Chen Co-founder & CEO - VSee, This American Doc the only approved video telehealth platform used by NASA astronauts aboard the International Space Station. He did his Ph.D. at Stanford University, where he researched human factors and the design of video collaboration. Milton is a proud father of two and a good friend to Sigi for over 15 years together they built and implemented many telehealth programs.

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